B08 ~ Just be nice

Just be nice

Shabby tile ~ $25

4"x4"or 3"x6" vertical or horizontal hand-painted ceramic tiles hand-painted ceramic tiles and are mounted on distressed wood.

Lil' Tiny ~ $15

Cute lil’ 2"x2" hand painted tiles on 3"x3" wood. 

Flutterby Magnet ~ $6

Hand painted 2"x2" lil’ tiles with a strong lil’ magnet attached.

These are hand painted tiles so no two are exactly alike…and by that we mean each one is a unique, one-of-a-kind whimsical piece of tile art.

Please use our contact form to purchase.

So, if you would like a particular design or a custom saying…please specify by using the custom order form. It’s that easy!!