shabby caterpillar shabby tiles

furry friends ! the shabby caterpillar
shabby tiles from the shabby caterpillar

sHaBbY TiLeS are 4"x4"or 3"x6" vertical or horizontal hand-painted ceramic tiles and are mounted on distressed wood.

These hand-painted tile inspirations are perfect for indoor décor…however, we recommend you hang them under a shelter if you want them outside. This will protect them from direct rain, snow, Florida sunshine…etc.

We offer a variety of themes including:
Winos, Beachy, Furry Friends, Tiny tots, Inspirations, and Food for Thought.

Any tile design can be painted any size. Just specify whether you want:
Shabby Tile (4x4) ~ $25
Lil’ tiny (2x2) ~ $15
Flutterby Magnet (2x2) ~ $6

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flutterby magnets ~ the shabby caterpillar

flutterby magnets ~ the shabby baterpillar

shabby caterpillar ~ shabby tiles