shabby caterpillar shabby tiles
shabby tiles

"My grandmother was an art teacher and for as long as I can remember...her artistic soul inspired me to never stop creating.  After receiving my bachelors degree in Fine Art, I have continued working towards doing what I love most for a living.  Painting these tiles brings me good feelings and from what I am learning, good feelings create a good life. So, what more could a person ask for!"
-kEllEy bUrDeTTe

"Growing up I always thought that a professional doodler would be the best job ever!  Deep down I never thought I would actually get to doodle as an adult!  Now as I am raising a family, my kids are a constant inspiration and reminder to enjoy the simple things in life. In this busy world, being able to get together with my best friend to create nurtures my soul.  I hope our creations will inspire you to cherish those who mean the most to you too, including yourself!"
-aMeliA tAlUccI

"Since I was a small child I have always been told that I am creative. That really is my favorite thing to be!  Who would have thought when I grew up that those words would become a reality?  As a wife and new mother, I am happy and alive, bursting with a new kind of energy!  I am passionate about all things creative and I feel this inspiration is best when shared with others.  I believe in life that we must be who we truly are and do what we really love."
-hEaTheR fiScHeR